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Be Red Cloud






Join a tribe, challenge other players worldwide and rise through their ranks. 
Become a chief! "Red Cloud!"

Hunt dangerous animals, like pumas or mighty grizzlies, gather resources and craft new and powerful weapons.

Challenge other players worldwide in multiplayer mode and compete with them in sneaking, tracking and hunting.
Become the best Indian the world has ever seen - "Red Cloud"

red Cloud is completely free - Some content, like beaver skins, can only be bought with real money.
This game requires at least 1GB memory (iPhone 5 or higher, or iPad 3 or higher).

„Red Cloud“ MMOG Features:

  • A dynamic and compelling 3D world
  • Join one of 3 tribes - Lakota Sioux, Comanche or Pawnee, become the best of your tribe!
  • Over 20 different huntable animals
  • Over 100 different weapons and upgrades
  • 12 epic missions, where you become a real indian
  • 3 sandbox regions, where you can freely hunt and dispose animals
  • Challenge other players worldwide
  • Customize your favorite Indian with over 130 clothes

This episode of Evolution plays, like Indian Hunter, in 18th-century North America. You’ll slip into the role of an Indian belonging to the tribe of your choice—the wise Lakota Sioux, the peaceful Comanche, or the aggressive Pawnee.


Our multiplayer game, which came out in the beginning of 2015, includes, beside a new choice of tribes whose indiviual members you can send out to hunt, more exciting tasks you've never encountered before in Indian Hunter:


The ultimate 3D-Map

  • All levels and landscapes consolidated into one view. Make your own decision where to begin the hunt!
  • The hunting levels can be attempted with or without quests; you also have the chance to employ the skills you’ve acquired on short notice in the challenge maps. This way you can earn more and better trophies!


New Levels

  • Scrubland, desert, prairie, forest, mountains, and lakes form a unique landscape stretching from the Black Hills to the mighty rivers in the Great Plains. You can go on the hunt for a large variety of animals and play to win clothing, weaponry, and highly sought skills.
  • Visit various levels again and again and notice how the animal world changes. If you overhunt, many animal species will begin to die out, and the level will need a few days to recover. But if you hunt like a Native – with reason and sensitivity – your resources will never be exhausted!



  • This you’ve never seen before:  sunrise, clouds, rain, snow, nightfall, stars, and moon! During runtime our unique weather system can depict these changes in the landscape and bring adventure into your living room. No reloading. All this is interdependent with the plant and animal world.
  • Our weather system was developed as a random generator. The weather changes with altitude and geographic location. No day, no situation is like any other. Still, there are a number of factors you can carefully consider. Prepare to be amazed!


Utilization of the Animals

  • In our game the animals aren’t killed just for fun. As a real Indian you can harvest hides, meat, and bones, and use these valuable resources to craft and obtain other items. So clothing, trophies, and a lot of new and high-performance weapons will be at your disposal. But consider your options carefully:  Different animals provide you with different resources. Harvesting a buffalo takes you much longer than harvesting a prairie dog, but it’s worthwhile, because your tribe has great need of the meat.


Supply Tipi

  • In your supply tipi you’ll see all your possessions. Clothing, trophies, weapons, and supplies. This is your home. Adorn it with rare wapiti skulls or the white hides of rare albino animals.
  • Interested in trading? A trading post makes it possible to exchange supplies for trophies. Use this opportunity to get hold of new and rare weapons. Winchester rifles can be had from itinerant peddlers. Would this newfangled weapon help you on the hunt?


Dramatic Conflicts with the Other Tribes

  • This is probably the most significant of all the innovations in our new game. The struggle for resources! Come up against hostile tribes. Fight them for resources and steal the gains of your vanquished opponents. Challenge new opponents one by one and work your way up in the ranking to chief. Defend your village and its precious few provisions – the next winter is on the way.


We dream a little more every day.


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